Bar Council Of Delhi Appeals Lawyers To Join Protest March As Part Of Feb 12 Nationwide Lawyers' Agitation

Bar Council Of Delhi Appeals Lawyers To Join Protest March As Part Of Feb 12 Nationwide Lawyers Agitation

As part of the Bar Council of India's call for nationwide lawyers' agitation on February 12, the Bar Council of Delhi has appealed all lawyers from Delhi-NCR to gather at Patiala House Court from where the protest march will move to Jantar Mantar.

The peaceful protest will start from Patiala House Court at 12:30 PM and proceed to Jantar Mantar and will be led by the office bearers of Bar Council of India, Bar Council of Delhi, SCBA, DHCBA, coordination committee and other bar associations of Delhi-NCR.

This march is part of the nationwide protest which is expected too see participation of 1.7 million lawyers.

It is to be noted that the demands raised in the joint meeting of Bar Council of India and the state bar council on February 2 are medical facility; insurance; housing schemes; financial assistance to young lawyers; pension schemes; Advocate Protection Act; not to scrap Bar Council of India and State Bar Council like Medical Council of India; to amend the legal service authority Act to enable the lawyers to discharge the functions under the Act; to amend all the Acts for appointment of retired judges/ judicial officers as presiding officers in various tribunals and commissions etc.

In its appeal, the BCD said, "It is well known that more and more youngsters prefer to adopt career in law but get disappointed due to inadequate infrastructural facilities or any kind of support.

"It has been repeatedly said that the lawyers are integral part of justice dispensation system and as officers of the court they are indispensable but do not get similar treatment. No medical insurance, place to work, stipend and other facilities have ever been extended and a lawyer has to struggle at his own notwithstanding that everyone has a fundamental right for basic facilities to sustain. The demand as decided and raised at the joint meeting of Bar Council of India and state bar councils on February 2, 2019 are genuine and should be provided to the lawyers".

"As statutory body we cannot allow the dignity of the legal profession to be eroded since the very existence of the legal profession is in Jeopardy. The legal profession or the Bar Councils cannot be and should not be treated like Medical Council of India. The Independence and autonomy of legal profession cannot be scrapped and handed over to the executive structure to damage the Institution.

"Recent trend has seen non-advocates being allowed to appear before courts tribunals, body or authority having power to take evidence, even statutorily. This being an exclusive right conferred to an advocate under Section 30 of the Advocates Act,1961 any encroachment over our rights cannot be permitted," it further said.

It is to be noted that prior to calling nationwide agitation, BCI had written a letter to the Prime Minister on January 22 wherein it had raised the ten demands.